What Is A Selective Functional Movement Assessment?

The SFMA is a clinical assessment for those who experience pain. It is a movement based diagnostic system which systematically finds the cause of pain - not just the source - by logically breaking down dysfunctional movement patterns in a structured, repeatable assessment.

Used primarily during the initial physical evaluation of a patient, but the clinician should be aware of the acuteness or irritability of the presenting signs and symptoms. The SFMA may not be practical for use during an acute episode.

SFMA uses a series of full-body movements to identify possible movement dysfunctions.

Here are some common uses of SFMA for treatment.

The purpose of the SFMA is to assess the quality of the movements; it is not about how many repetitions the person can perform, but rather the quality of the movement pattern.

The SFMA helps to expose possible asymmetries and pathological movements patterns, as the root cause of a painful problem. This will in turn, help guide a treatment plan to restore pain-free movement and function.

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