R3 Integrative Health is known for our effective, reliable massage therapy services; however, we go well beyond everyday massage therapy solutions.

R3 Integrative Health is known for our effective, reliable massage therapy services; however, we go well beyond everyday massage therapy solutions. In fact, we provide several kinds of massage therapies and soft tissue therapies that aren’t only intended to reduce stress but also to remedy injuries at their core. 

Our massage therapy techniques contribute to physical and mental healing, so you can get back to your everyday activities effectively and efficiently.

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Massage Therapies and More

Our patients visit us for various aches and pains; some are acute and severe, while others are chronic and dull. We often work with those who have lost hope and, more specifically, have had pain longer than three months and have seen at least two providers, doctors, or specialists with no permanent relief.

Our team has developed massage therapy and pain-alleviating services that work together to cure discomfort as they promote good health and the rapid healing of several body impairments. 

Our services include:


Deep Tissue Massage Therapy 

When you think of massage therapy, you may go straight to the dark room with the soft music and the gentle, relaxing touches of a massage therapist. When it comes to healing injuries to the back, neck, shoulders, and more, we go a step further and offer our patients deep tissue massage therapy. 

Deep tissue massage therapy is proven to provide relief to aches and pains in a non-invasive way by addressing adhesions in the body. These adhesions are caused by scar tissue that combines two surfaces of the body that are meant to be separate, making it painful or difficult for the patient to move properly, ultimately resulting in pain and dysfunction. 

Our deep tissue massages use pressure and tension to break up the scar tissue, allowing the body to recover and utilize its full range of motion. 


Class IV Deep Tissue Therapy Laser 

Laser therapy is an excellent resource for injuries that need a higher level of support due to more complex soft tissue challenges. Our clinic uses the most significant class of laser to achieve the best results. 

Class IV deep tissue laser therapy is used to regenerate damaged tissues as it decreases inflammation and discomfort. Laser therapy has been known to reduce or eliminate the need for surgery, providing quick and long-lasting comfort. This is a non-invasive treatment with minimal or no downtime for the patient. 

We’ve helped those who have suffered for years with chronic pain find comfort using this effective solution. 


The Graston Technique 

Ricki is certified in using the Graston Technique, an Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) service. This solution releases fascial restriction and removes scar tissue in the body. 

We use specifically engineered tools to find and remedy injured soft tissue quickly. This treatment is a go-to for athletes who can’t afford to spend days in recovery or depend on medications to mask their pain. The Graston Technique is geared to rid the body of inflammation, allowing for full function capabilities, and treats dozens of areas with soft tissue injuries. 


Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) 

This cutting-edge solution determines how the brain is affecting the body to react to specific movements. If the body is working in a dysfunctional manner, the brain may be telling the body that it needs to perform a certain way; however, because the body is in a state of dysfunction, the brain is ill-informed. 

Dysfunction can be brought on by significant trauma, poor posture, muscle or joint overuse, and more. Often these dysfunctions are treated and appear to go away but then return. This is due to the brain’s power, telling the body to return to its previous way of working.

P-DTR will test and find the dysfunctions in order to correct them. It allows the brain and the body to relearn the proper way to move by receiving accurate information, so the body functions fully and finds its natural balance. 


Neural Recalibration Method 

The Neural Recalibration Method was developed by Ricki Porter at R3 Health. It’s a new, unique assessment technique that draws from various disciplines and techniques.

In many cases, the patient will feel immediate relief from therapies after having this assessment done prior. Other solutions include: 

  • Better mobility and higher flexibility
  • Better posture
  • More energy
  • And more   

In conjunction with these solutions, our team uses the Manuthera 242 Table as its own approach to aid in the healing process. This modular table moves using two synchronized lifting motors and enhances every technique we provide. R3 Integrative Health is the only massage therapist in Canada with this mobilization table. Ask us about this new highly effective technology, we’ve made a demo video for you to better understand its importance and how it works!

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Manuthera242 Table

Watch one of our team members use the Manuthera 242 Table as its own approach to aid in the healing process.

Our Patients

At R3 Integrative Health, we use a comprehensive, holistic strategy for your health care. We know you have specific needs, goals, and capabilities, and you receive a plan that fits into your lifestyle and matches your necessities. 

Ricki understands that massage therapy and other forms of proven, safe tissue treatments are an excellent way to reduce the need for surgery and eliminate pain. Our patients come to us for our ability to find quick, responsible solutions to their injuries. 

Some of our patients include:

  • Athletes
  • Pregnancy
  • High school
  • Overuse
  • Rehabilitation
  • And more

We’re trusted by many because we know how to find reliable methods that keep safety in mind at all times. If you’re in pain, your body is asking for help. Our team offers more than massage therapy but real soft tissue pain solutions that end discomfort at the source. 

Call us today to learn more about our massage therapies and beyond. 

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No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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