This is NOT Graston Technique Therapy

“Oh, Graston® is going to hurt a LOT.” “My friend had Graston done, she looked bruised like she had been hit by a truck.” “My buddy just uses a spoon or mortal rod, it’s the same thing right?” If I had a dime for every time someone said something like those…

Graston Technique Therapy is 6 specifically designed stainless steel instruments that are used to detect and assist in the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction. A Certified Graston Technique Provider will know 14 different strokes and no less than 8 ways to make treatments more conservative or aggressive.

To clarify, It’s not about bruising a patient. For example, If a patient is treated and bruised on Monday, on Thursday we aren’t just treating the original complaint. We are treating the original complaint and bruised up, sore tissue.

What is it about then?

  • The stimulation of fibroblast. Graston Technique has been shown to increase fibroblast and these little cells can differentiate (change) into what your body needs (muscle, tendon, a communicating type cell).
  • Cellular reorganization. I have seen both stained slides and electron microscopy pictures of ligaments at 4 weeks out from time of injury both with and without Graston Technique. The difference is remarkable, see for yourself below!
  • The stimulation of resident mesenchymal stem cells. These cells are key for vascular repair, tissue healing and regeneration.
  • Change in elastic modulus. It’s about making tendons able to recover from loads without lasting deformation. Graston Technique has many case studies and case series showing positive changes in tendinopathies.
  • Changing range of motion. Scour the research and you’ll find numerous clinical trails where people have an increase range of motion in the shoulder or hip post Graston Technique Therapy.
  • Reducing pain. By increasing the activity in local mechanoreceptors (movement receptors), the brain will reflexively decrease the activity in local nociceptors (pain receptors).

Ricki Porter, RMT, owner and founder of R3 Integrative Health is a Certified Graston Technique Provider, and uses this method on a daily basis.

Do you think you have a condition that Graston Technique could help? Call us today ask, you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to fix a nagging problem. 506-863-8844

Click here for Graston Technique research resources.

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